"From my high school days I have been involved with community service and neighborhood activism. I want to work for the people of Bowie. We need to create a more unified city, improve our schools, create inclusive development, improve infrastructure, make public safety and diversity a top priority. With nearly a decade of community network and outreach experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated community issues  and get things done."
Public Relations:
My goal is to build strong community relationships and maintain effective communication between neighborhoods, city and law enforcement to create a more prosperous and productive Bowie for our residents in District 3. We must address the strategies and concern of our residents through community dialogue on matters that increase our community value.
My goal is to ensure an excellent quality of life for all Bowie residents in District 3 and City wide residents. I also believe that our residents deserve prompt responses to their concerns in matters of service and infrastructure such as roads, trails, crosswalks, parks and residential code enforcements.
In District 3 communities like Northview, Longleaf, Covington, Princeton Square and Heather Hills that have a stable population. The use of modular classrooms may be necessary to handle new programs and teaching methods.  But a new school is a long-range solution to this condition for areas like  Woodmore Highlands, Woodmore Estates, Dixon Crossing, Westview and Old Stage with the growing 3A populations, We need adequate school space for new residental growth.
Public Safety:
I want to address the public safety concerns of our District 3 residents. It is important for city planners, county government, and law enforcement agencies to continually expand and innovate their public safety initiatives. Advanced data collection, disaster prevention, and time-saving techniques are areas where public awareness and training can help meet the public safety needs of Bowies current and expanding populations.
Bowie is a very diverse city. Which means that there are many cultures, ethnicities and flavors here. We must use these to our cities advantage to become more prosperous and knowledgeable of our different understandings of one another. In many cases, the very people for whom planners and local governments are building cities are not included in the conversation. Changing this means collaborating across platforms, sectors, agendas, and interests. Because ultimately, it’s in everyone’s interest to ensure that no one is left behind to improve and maintain our city's community values.
I want to assure that community development creates and stimulates balance growth in our community for the future of our families through participative democracy, sustainable development, rights, equality, economic opportunity, and social justice. Our vision is to address the needs of the entire Bowie Community by bringing awareness to the citizens in the community and implementing ready access to the opportunities and the services necessary to move them forward to sustainable productive citizens. 


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